Light Up Your World with

the Sun Energy S240 Extreme

Affordable & Clean Energy

The S240 is Extremely
Bright,& Long Lasting
Green & Sustainable
Durable, Rainproof
Compact, & Portable
Superior Rechargeable Battery Technology

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Bright and
Long Lasting

Contains 9 LED lights - 8 LEDs on High (72 lumens) and 1 LED on Low (14 lumens)... Extremely Long Lasting - 12+ hours on low and 4+ hours on high.

Green and

Solar Powered LED Light collects energy from the sun by day and provides clean, non-toxic light at night. Optimally Controlled - Automatically turns off bright light.

Duarable, Rainproff, Compact & Portable

Durable-shatter-resistant globe, housing is rainproof, weatherproof. Use in camping, marine/recreational vehicles, electrical power outages, nighttime activities, boating/fishing, hiking/walking, patios/gazebos, basements, and closets.

Superior Rechargeable Battery Technology

Uses rechargeable Lithium-ipn polymer (LiPo) batteries, which are used in laptops, IPhone, Ipads, and even electric vehicles. rechargeable lithium-based technology currently provides the best performance for your solar light bulb. In energy terms, Li-ion batteries simply pack a more powerful punch. Li-ion batteries store more energy in smaller spaces than the more traditional lead-acid and nickel-metal-hydride ones. Lithium has more energy and electrochemical potential of all metals, which is what gives it that stamina.